The Technology

Technology constructed and integrated into cold weather outdoor workwear soft-line apparel. Staying forward thinking, for the men and women who build this country in all elevated areas.

Our system allows for a 100% Tie-Off Method. Allowing a secured and safe use of safety devices to remain 100% tied-off. Enabling you to install and remove garments as needed at any height.

Taking into consideration the necessity to always be ready we introduce our pullover, poised to keep the ground personnel warm and ready for rescue or even as a lift/basket alternative layer of protection. Because doing great and feeling great should be an everyday thing.

Our process is setting strides for enhanced quality no matter what. We incorporate multiple phases of treating our sourced materials of choice. All for extra abrasion resistance, increased durability properties, hydrophobic proofing to high temp resistance and that’s just from pre finish process.

We offer a option for post treatment which allows for complete flame retarding using an organic, non-toxic, eco-friendly based chemical formula. Another additional coating of incredibly effective combinations of stain resistant chemicals blended with antimicrobial inhibitors and mold/mildew