About Us

Our Goal:
Comfortably Safe
Because Doing Great and Feeling Great Should Be An Everyday Thing.

Mission statement:
Never compromising safety when considering cold weather personal protective equipment. Providing the Next Gen of Innovation adhering to a ‘Act Local, Be Global’ approach. Defined by being driven by quality for the Men and Women who build the country.

Core Values:
Thinking “Bold” provides aspiration to drive towards the community of interests. By balancing proficiency and adaptability, while demonstrating agility to the fruition of ‘our’ goals. A campaign dedicated to Safety on all fronts. Leading with Innovation that keeps safety at the core. Intent on delivering being prepared regardless of the environment 4 Core:

  • Results Aligning with Proficiency and Efficiency
  • Saving Lives Through Innovating Safety
  • Maximizing Money Retention
  • Designing for The Future